Sunday, August 22, 2010


at this moment, I miss him.
miss to talk to him.

in fact, he is not my lover.
we loved each other in other ways.
like there's a bond between us.
and I hardly can't explain it.

miss him damn much,
because one of the person that can pampered me,

he was a good listener, a good friend n the best joker,
but no one can be the best for him because he went away, bringing his heartbreak n moved out from his real fact without let the best friend of him knew.
we realized it. we knew it.

I am in upset mode. can't sleep for entire night. keep thinking of something that burden me. while both eyes open, I soak my eyeballs in full of emotion. damn need him. keep text him even I know the number has no longer.

God, tell me where he is now.
i miss you, Afzal.


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