Saturday, November 26, 2011

blog updated

ouh. lamanya tak berblogging. almost sebulan lebih. tau2 je november dah menjengah.

bz hellness. for serius. hahaha. semester yg mengundang. rase2 cm na berenti belaja. smpai to that level. punye la rase fedap dgn assignment dtg tak putus2, konflik kiri kanan, clashing here and there, submission this and that, howaaaa. fly me to paris. I need a vacation. a very long vacation. muahaha.

babah n mama selamat dah menunaikan haji. so happy to see them coming home. polok2, ya lah for the first time raya without them. even raya haji! but still na ade ngn dorg kan.

hope to get a better life from their's prayers.

well, my life cycle gettin better. cuma bz semester tu mengganggu emosi, but thats the thrill of being a student kn. i mean, in other side of my life. I've got my life back, normal life, being ordinary girl. nothing's special. and I love to be me.

aku pegang teguh, past is past. aku kene let go. kene move on. thanx sbb jadikan aku kuat.