Tuesday, June 28, 2011

hello Penang!

hello diary.
long time tak berblogging. rasa mcm takde ape na cerita.
since everything agak kelam kabut last week, so kami tak agak2 na amik cuti on weekend ni. hmm ekceli cuti public holiday yg masih tersisa. well I guess, we have the right to redeem it.

so, hello penang!

yup, rasa release dpt jln2. dpt luahkan segala perasaan. well, I love travelling damn much. sgt suka pergi jln2. together with my bestie ever, real backpackers. budget motel, n small budget, sponsored by mak apak bank. thanx. HAHA

kami tak takot apa2. yg kami tau, kami na travelling, explore new place with small budget. yeaahh we work on it! berjaya pergi dan balik dgn selamat. who knows, two girls with less experience, travelling n hop on all the way from penang to langkawi. we totally satisfied!

away from all the bullshits work, nonsense people and tasteless food. we reached at georgetown at 5 pm by ferry. keluar dr langkawi jam 1. it took about 1 n half hour on ferry to kuala kedah, and 1 n half hour from k.kedah to butterworth. and another 15 minutes on ferry to georgetown. pheeew!

took a taxi to Friendship's Motel. check in for two nights, and landing time! at night, take about 15 minutes walk to Padang Kota n having some heaven Pasembur. howwaaa....!
early in the morning, learning the rapid penang's schedule. it a free shuttle service. then having lunch at pizza hut Komtar. have a window shopping at perangin mall and moved to batu feringhi. heaven!

nice seaside, best night market! ouh, how syyoookkk our journey. it took about 45 minutes on the bus to batu feringhi. shopping! shopping! shopping!
arrived back at georgetown about 1130 pm and straight away to Padang Kota to having some char kue tiaw. all-time-favourite. and....flat on the bed!

early in the morning, already packed our stuff and moved to Pasar Chowrasta. a market who sold Jeruk! jeruk everywhere. gosh, I'm addicted. buy all those jeruk for our big bro, abg zan and the departments.

back to the hotel and checked out. took a rapid shuttle to the jetty and get the ferry back to butterworth. its on the spot ferry u know! again, on-the-spot bus to k.kedah. and... presenting my bestie, iqa. she and her boyfie pick up us at bus stand and treat us some nasik ayam. thanx afif. such a nice guy. take gud care of Iqa ok dude!

took a ferry back to langkawi at 630 pm. and arrive at langkawi at 830pm. ouhhhh...mabuk laot!! sickk! thnx mat lan for sending us back to hotel. aku tumpang sekaki je puwwnnn...hahaha.

I'm having some nice journey and aku rasa puas takde umat bak kate org kedah. thanx bestie for everything.


aisyah ahmad said...

wah bestnya..smbil menyelam sambil minum air ( betul ke)hahaha

Anonymous said...

fuzz..souvenir aku mane daa?

ngesngos said...

echah: saje menenangkan jiwa yg kacau...HAHA
anoy: sevinier..sape ntah ni. HAHAH

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