Sunday, June 19, 2011


2 am. some memories that never faded by time come across my mind. those make me never sleep. I just can't live without you.


new semester. "ok, I'll pick u at cheras". where ever cheras, I will. don't you ever think why I did that?

"sumpah faz, aku tatau bawak auto", shit. penipu! HAHA. xsampai satu kilometer pun, stop by bus stop. ampeh, aku jugak yg drive. I will.

"kite kat mane ni?"
"cmne eja dia?"
eleh, nak check in foursquare la tu.

"melaka kan 2 jam je..."
eleh. but, I will.

"anta aku kat bukit jalil sudah"
aku benci bas. aku benci bas yg bahaya. melaka je pun. raining all the way, tp kau ckp kau takleh bwk auto. I will. just to ensure you're safe. I will.

"nak pegi tgk kelip-kelip"
yeah, its ur birthday. ok. I will.
I gave u a party. a surprise party. and a birthday gift, I mean a gift that I never give to anyone else.

"kete aku rosak faz"
"last aku tnye ni, nak aku tlg tak?"
for me, where ever you are, I will. I never think to go to your place. but because of you, I've been captivated to bring myself to your place. driving alone, but it never stops me. I just want to be the best buddy in ur eyes. I will. always.

"I've got a test tomorrow"
but I really need to see you, coz I miss you. melaka je pun. I will. met u at air keroh's tol, ouh with the kaen pelikat? so sweet.

"char kue tiaw at bandar melaka"
yeah, also got test tomorrow morning. 10 pm still in melaka. shh kept secret so that I can spent just little more time with you. I will.

pantai puteri had witnessed everything. pantai puteri had listened to all my cried. I miss you.

all these memories were mixed up. I just can't tell where it was located. I just want to remember them. all of them. until one day, they were revealed. but u never understand. jealousy had killed us. its all about jealousy.

ya Allah, I can't stop crying. I just want to finish this post and give it to you. just to satisfy me.

now think. why I did all those things if I never loves you? why should I wasting all my time, just to be with you if really don't care. you don't have to tell me. just think. think and write down how much you know about my feelings towards you. I want to see how far you'd understand my situation.


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