Wednesday, March 21, 2012

100% complete

hello Wed!

after several days, da lepas certain2 mukadimah presentation utk sem ni, hari rabu consider as hari heaven sbb ade satu kelas je n kelas ptg pulak tu! so the rest in the morning session bole bangun lambat, bole kemas2 bilik n rumah n have some relaxation moment.

few days ago beli dapur gas. fuyoooo! rumah da fully furnished! bestnye. n the best part bile bole masak. tgk dapo je nak masak. tgk dapo je na masak. saiko tak. ahahaha. nak2 fara bwk bahan2 mentah n others like sos, rempah2, gula garam beli kt market. so da complete.

seronok. kami pun da jarang kua mkn these 2 3 days. in terms of diet jugak sbb malas na kua, so sanggup starving mkn ape saja makanan yg ade kt pantry. kerlas ada pantry. no lah, its just a square fomica table. ala2 meja mahjung tu kan. buat pantry instead meja makan.

as planned, we should go to Penang this weekend for assessment. but since ade this and that consequences because of our carelessness, so Penang had been canceled and proceed with Port Dickson I guess.

so thats it. keep on track as a student even the money waterfall keep flowing with regret T_T. nak buat cmne, duit ptptn tu tak bole last longer. too much expenses especially bile pakai kereta. servis kete lg. last 2 days bateri kete kong. melayang rm150 gua. na buat cmne, ptptn should spent for academic purpose as well as living cost.


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