Tuesday, May 18, 2010

21 wishes

today is my 21st birthday.
being so upset for whole day coz I dun have anyone to celebrate with, instead of talking with.
just simple FB wishes. thanx guys. really appreciate it.

and to my dearest sayang, thanx for accompany me for the whole day. its a free call.i dun mind to "bergayut" with you till the phone explode like a bomb beside our ear.

wish 1
afzal,jimo n wana call me at 130 am. but tgh bergayut with lalink.so dorg wait till 3 am. unfortunately, aku tgh bertugas plak time tuh. dorg tunggu lg smpai kul 4. n thats make no sense aku na gelak2 dlm keadaan mamai.

thanx coz korg try to cheer me up. really love you.

korg nyanyi lagu besday in 3 version tu mmg funny.versi tamil, cina n english tuh mmg unik.hahah. tp sygnye,aku sgt moody at that time.sory dearest.

then korg try na maen gitar utk aku. tp sbb korg sgt kelam kabut.aku xpaham ape yg korg cube lakukan.lantas emosi tak terbendung.sory again. luckily ptg tadi korg call lagi.thanx for the "Statik". suare jimo n afzal sgt sweet. n i know, wana yg maen gitar.thanx guys.

wish 2
i thought my family just forget bout my day. hehe.tu yg upset the whole day. tak sangke pas 7 ptg tuh, mama, babah n ina dtg uma tok bawak kek n mee goreng mamak.touching sungguh.

wish 3
the mad stalker.ibnu call dr USA. wish me and as usual, maen kan gitar. agak touching, tp the fact is, aku takkan kembali pd kamu. thanx for the "Semua Tentang Kita". I heard it and I understand.thanx.


thanx for everyone yg da wish.syg sgt.



afzal said...

i love you fazz.
jgn sedih2 dah.
the hurts will come to an ends.
be strong baby!

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