Friday, May 18, 2012

awesome darlings!

its my birthday lah! as usual ade 3 little creatures yg mengundangnya pun. surprise again and again. just like fara's birthday. *terharu*

cuma mine was less dramatic. just muizz was assigned to bring me go jalan2 for no reason and those little darlings, adam n fara stay at home, prepared some spaghetti and cake for me. *hugss*

so surprised but expected. sbb dah rase semacam. bkn lah verangan ade org na prank kan, tp da ade instinct tak baek akan berlaku. muizz act mcm laen je kan. as well as lg dua ketul tu. out of sudden with an order, without kompromi. sedangkan dorg sume bkn begitu. ahahha. gotcha!
seronok. thanx muizz, adam n farra. best gift I ever had. indeed.

to dearest, thanx for the gift. I never ask for expensive things. forgiveness never got from materials. its an unexplainable things. thanks for everything. *love*

n last night, thanx for the dinner at Fullhouse, KL. imagine how happy am I, its been so long I dream it. rase cm pwincess kn dpt dinner kt sini. feeling2 wedding nnt na buat theme cmni. bru feeling2 jadi pwincess. T_T
thanx everyone. thanx love. speechless.


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