Sunday, October 21, 2012

hey kawan aku grad!

hai bestie! hmm not so bestie anymore lah. but you're still the one. hiks.
I just drop by your facebook. and its your graduation day! yeay! congratulations friend.
happy for you.
so how is it going? you already have a good job, hope in good position, love your work so much, have a very nice cute little girlfriend, your life almost complete friend. hope to see you soon friend.
well, its like I miss the moment with you. I mean in really friendliness way.
hope to have nice all night long chat with you, with out-of-credit calls and so drama through the phone. hope you still remember the drama, "ouh friend, my bestfriend had fall in love with you! Tidaaakk" hahah you're funny friend.
I always make fun of you, I always "duk kenekan kau" every single day. hahaha yea rite. he's no longer.
so friend, congratulations. I'm happy! Indeed. Good Luck!


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