Tuesday, September 18, 2012

the end

some stories came out with different ending. mcm2 ending kite bole tgk. well, that is it. I can conclude that, some happy stories, tak semestinya ade happy ending. also vice versa. people create story, people create memories. but people usually never predict the ending of the stories.

well I guess, I found the ending.

last night, the feelings like killing me. I'm watching those things, trying to stop the tears falling. yes, I do. I will.

that place, Ampang. tells thousands memory, tears, and some lessons. so, last night with mybrave heart and heartache, I burnt my own money.

with anger, with tears bleed in my heart, I fulfilled the box with petrol, burnt it and left the place. I won't come again. Indeed.

its like burning my own money, but I had gave it to you. so its yours. not mine. Thank you.


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