Friday, December 23, 2011

cuak-ness is coming!

good morning! woot woot!
huuu lamenya tak berblogging. busy-to-death. seriusly.

believe it or not, towards the last day of semester pun still got report to submit. tu yg bole bangun pagi2 neh. since I've done my part, so I took this opportunity to stalk all my enemies FB pages, othe blogger's site and bla bla bla.

azab sem ni semakin ke penghujung. however, while I'm having some good times with my bestie, fara, we were shocked with our QMT, data analysis test marks. and it was disappointed T_T

menangis kat lab, but no one heard it. useless fellow. *tampar muka sndri*
envy dgn markah org laen yg pandai-wannabe. tibe2 ade asap menyelubungi muka n ade speechbubbles dlm tu ade gmbr bakal repeat paper QMT. ha? wtf?

we've been burdened with those kind of assessment. tak cukup yg ni, tmbh lg yg ni. tak cukup lg, tmbh lg. bercucuran air mata menyiapkan satu2 esemen. plusplus dgn kacau bilau hidup tak tentu hala, kewangan dan prestasi yg semakin menurun. I mean, dlm kelas la.

yelah, sejak jd bahan penghinaan masyarakat ni, semua yg aku buat semua tak kene pd pandangan masyarakat kn. dunno duncare, tah ape yg spark jd punca. but frankly speaking, i really dun give fucking damn towards them. tenkiu.

but after dgn gentle nye aku pegi face-to-face with this girl, everything's fine. not-so-fine but atleast I know what happened pd aku smpai all those klasmate mcm na curse aku every single day. but, yearite. thing goes by.

this busiest sem had changed our environment. our perception. the most lovable things we had, our friendship. last nite, we're watched a drama. nice FB-telemovies. ouh girls, stop it. its so immature! thats y I said, is it sbb bz hanjeng ni had brought us to separate n having our broken friendship? we had another one and a half years to go n this should no be happened *regret*

so, I'm wondering. mcm ni na get through lg setahun setengah? I can imagine it.

additional situation yg meng-extreme kusutkan keadaan bila kene ulang alik shah alam-puncak alam every selasa, rabu n khamis. n rasa gila with some conflict occurs. dont-know-what conflict between us, but I knew it. so dont lie to me ya kawan2.

so today the last day of semester before final exam menjengah. my first paper start at 4 jan 2012. so no new year celebration this year ok? huhuh T_T pray for us pelis. *big hug*

cuak mode on!


nia azalia said...

gud luck d..wt yg tbek taw!! :)

ngesngos said...

tengs izyan! doakan kita tau! =)

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